Barbados & Bequia

In Crew, Voyages on 06/01/2010 at 19:27

BarbadosBarbados is an amazing place!

It is absolutely unreal how friendly people on such an island can be. So unreal that you believe that you are going to be ripped off, only to find yourself flabbergasted that people are just being friendly and don’t expect anything in return. This is not just because of some strange people we met there, but this goes really for everyone on the island!!! Simply amazing.

Marcus and Peter divingAnyway, we arrived on Barbados on December 26th (as you can read in the diary below) and Peter and Markus started their diving course with me. They had an amazing time and the world is 2 more enthusiastic divers richer. Congrats for Peter and Markus! (please mumble “hooray” now J ) Boukje arrived finally after a long detour at Barbados at December 30, just in time to see Markus and Peter and join them on their certification dive! Yippee!

BequiaThe next day Markus and Peter had to leave, but the problem was that we had gone out for many many beers and ended up with a hangover. We decided that we were real men (we had crossed an ocean after all) and went to the airport in time *very* early at 6 in the morning. Autch! Well, what we should have thought of is that the only guys at the party that were more drunk than us were the pilots. So their plane was delayed by several hours so Markus and Peter both ended up celebrating New Year’s eve on Saint Martin and joining up with the Unox crew for the new year’s dive for sissies. In the mean time however, we didn’t fare too well with New Year’s eve on Barbados either. We barely managed to stay awake for the midnight congrats and left the party at the Barbados Cruising Club at 00.30 to crash in our beds!

Internet is a nightmare in most areas where we can arrive by ship, so don’t expect too many updates in the next few months. But for now, we are at Bequia which is part of the Grenadines. We left Barbados last night (January 5th) and arrived here this morning at 10.00. This is truly one of the most beautiful places we have ever arrived at by ship. Probably we haven’t seen so much yet, but it is a brilliant start here in the Carib!

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