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On 30/11/2012 at 15:43

Tony Prcevich (AU), Pacific Tuvalu-Solomon Islands, Dec 2010 to Jan 2011

On Tuvalu we met two stray aussies, Tony and Caitlyn. Tony is an auditor for the government and Caitlyn was working as a volunteer for a local NGO. This couple was dreaming of sailing around on the pacific ocean themselves, but they lacked any experience at sea. Therefore they asked us if they could come along and we were very happy to take them. It turned out to be a easy, difficult, calm, rough, sunny and rainy passage. Yes, really. We had pretty much everything from the calmest seas we ever had on the pacific to the roughest with very high short waves, from blazing hot days with sunshine and blue skies to neverending thunderstorms and the worst rainfall ever! Even though we were with the four of us, the last couple of days went by without any sleep whatsoever and after we made our first landfall in the southeast tip of Malaita (Solomon Islands), we ran the generator all night with the airconditioning and all woke up after a full 12 hours of sleep.

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