Helena is now for sale! correction: SOLD!

In Voyages on 02/11/2014 at 15:29

Listing 2 Click here -> Check out our dedicated sale website at helenasale.wordpress.com!<-  After our return to Amsterdam, we discovered that we hardly have the time to enjoy Helena anymore. Since she is really outfitted for long term cruising, it would be so much better for her to actually cruise the world’s oceans instead of sitting in a marina in Amsterdam. Therefore we have put Helena up for sale. You can find all information about Helena and the sale on our sale website at helenasale.wordpress.com. Helena has kept us safe in hard times, has given us freedom as we had never known before, was a trusted companion and has thoroughly enjoyed the world’s greatest oceans and the best cruising grounds. It saddens us to let her go, but it gives us joy to know that another owner may be able to take her out again to where she belongs. The seven seas of the world! Helena is kind of special and it’s not just the owner’s syndrome. Helena has spent most of her lifetime in the Mediterranean after making an Atlantic circle right off the yard. And then from 2009 to 2013 she made her first full circumnavigation. Across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal, visiting the South Pacific islands, seeing Australia and Southeast Asia and returning home by way of the Indian Ocean, Cape Hope, the South Atlantic islands and back to Europe. In these past 6 years, serious investments have been made to bring and keep Helena in tip-top shape for sailing around the world. This becomes obvious as soon as you step on board. She is fully upgraded and very well maintained. Helena can facilitate a comfortable and luxurious cruising life, while at the same time she is designed, built and modified with simplicity and safety in mind. To explain this in detail, we have set-up this website for you to see and discover Helena for yourself. You will not easily find another ship so well documented and thoroughly maintained. Helena is always ready to take off for long-term cruising within a few days. The supplies and spare parts onboard make her an extremely complete and reliable ship to sail with across all the world’s oceans.

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