Just Married!

In Crew on 05/02/2013 at 12:24


While Rolf was busy getting across the Indian Ocean, Boukje was at home preparing for a very different adventure. We figured that after crossing Oceans together, we had more than enough proof of the strength of relationship. So on December 22nd, back home in Amsterdam, surrounded by family and friends, we officially affirmed our love and got married!

  1. Hi Rolf
    I spoke to you at the Durban Marina this morning. Congratulations to both of you on your marriage!!! I am originally from Durban and presently in Durban visiting family and friends. Also did a yacht course while I was here – our training yachts are directly opposite where you moored. I am flying back to Sydney on 18 Feb and may go up to the Med in April.

    Glad you got a crew in Durban – it is great port with great people.
    Bon Voyage to Cape Town and Canaries.


  3. Beautiful – well done mate

    Nigel Nisbett

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