Maurizio Vaglio

In Crew on 25/10/2012 at 12:00

Maurizio Vaglio

Maurizio is a proper Italian who values good food, good sailing and a nice glass of wine (not to mention sugary stuff, but I’m not allowed to tell, so shhhh). He came on board in Singapore and he always wanted to sail on an Amel, so now he got the chance. He is a good friend and we miss him dearly. He was supposed to join all the way to Durban, but due to a business emergency, he had to suddenly leave the ship in Rodriguez, before the intended end of the trip. We were all very very sad to say goodbye, so we kidnapped (or rather grandfathernapped) him for one last trip to Mauritius. We have enjoyed the last of the beautiful liquor and parmesan cheese he brought after he left!

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