Fixed it! (again)

In Helena, Voyages on 29/10/2010 at 06:13

We did it! Last Thursday we received the watermaker and installed it ourselves. This involved Rolf sitting in the engine room for 8 hours, Boukje handing screws, tools and drinks and the two of us using a hammer 🙂 to change some of the parts. But as I said: we did it, and it works perfectly! Now we can make 60 to 75 liters of drinking water an hour. It’s amazing.

The same day we were busy fixing the watermaker, Arent and Matty and their captain Mike arrived back in Raiatea (still waiting on repairs).  And because the wind was now coming from the north (just where we want to go), we had plenty of time on our hands. So we enjoyed some nice days catching up and being tourists on Raiatea with them.

Just visiting

Of course they had to come over and admire all the work we had done on the boat and have some real Dutch coffee again (for my mom: we’re drinking Douwe Egberts down here). And we finally had a barbeque again on theirs (apparently Matty only cooks on their BBQ now, we haven’t used ours since the guys left).

On Saturday we sailed to town, because rumor had it there was a disco there and the guys needed some entertainment after being stuck here for 6 weeks. So to the disco we went. Well, there was music and there were some men sitting at the bar, but there was certainly not much fun going on. We stayed for about 5 minutes and then decided to go back to the boat and just have some drinks there.

As we were home early that Saturday night, we were able to go to church the next morning (in Huahine we wanted to, but overslept). The singing was again very, very beautiful. So beautiful I even wondered for a minute or two if it wasn’t a recording. And then the women in front of us started to sing…

After that we sailed on to gorgeous Hotopu Bay on the south side of the island (like about almost every bay we enter, Rolf said about this one: “I think this may be the most beautiful bay I have ever seen”). The bay was right next to Marae Taputapuatea which had great importance to the ancient Polynesians. Every marae built on another island (from the Cook Islands to Hawaii) had to have a stone from this marae in it as a symbol of alliance.

Leaving (almost)

And then we would have loved to have left French Polynesia. However, as we were trying to get fuel in Raiatea on Saturday, Rolf realized the motor only went in reverse after about 60 seconds. Not good if you want to avoid bumping in to one of those coral heads in the atolls. Looked like another wait for parts etc. Thankfully we found a very good mechanic and today he was able to replace our gearbox with a second hand spare he had in his workshop.

This week the rainy season really seems to have started here. It looks like fall back home, but with temperatures of around 30 degrees. So awaiting the repairs we have been having very homey days, hanging around, washing our clothes, cataloging spare parts, watching Doctor Who and baking bread. Although this is also very nice, we do hope we can leave for the Cooks soon and act like real seafaring explorers again.

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