Relaxing in Moorea and Huahine

In Helena, Voyages on 23/10/2010 at 01:36

We did indeed leave Tahiti the next day. Happy to finally be sailing again, we set course for a relaxed trip to Moorea. Moorea is a nice small island that lies about 20 miles west of Tahiti. We had been seeing it’s mountains in the distance for the last month. Now that we got there, it turned out to be as nice and peaceful as it had looked from busy Papeete. We anchored in quiet Cook’s Bay, went for a dinghy snorkeling trip around the north coast and hiked our way up the mountains towards a beautiful view of the coast.

After all that relaxing we set sail for Huahine. Or so we thought…

Oh, no not again!

While sailing out we noticed our morning tea had a distinct salty taste this morning. And unfortunately that could only mean one thing: the watermaker had broken down again. And the only place where we could get it fixed, yes you already guessed, is Tahiti. [insert lots of swearing] So back to Tahiti it was. The verdict: we needed new parts to be send over from France. [again insert lots of swearing plus discussion about warranties, calling France, arguing, calling France again,etc] In the end we decided to order a whole new watermaker and have it shipped to Raiatea. This would take about 1,5 weeks, which gave us time to slowly get there.

Enjoying Huahine

So again we left Tahiti. This time the dolphins accompanied us out of Papeete harbor and even the whales came to say goodbye. We had a very rocky trip getting there, but Huahine turned out to be a very nice, friendly and relaxed island. We met some very nice people, went diving, hung around on board and did all kind of touristy stuff, like:

Rent a bike

Go to the beach

Hike through the forest

Eat fresh papaya’s

Blend in with the locals

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