Boukje lands in paradise

In Crew on 06/08/2010 at 23:49

Since they finally found paradise, the guys were not really looking forward to sailing out again to meet me in Tahiti on the 4th. Fortunately Manihi has an airport with a daily connection to Tahiti. So Rolf got himself a plane ticket and was at Papeete airport when I arrived there at four in the morning, after a 26 hour trip. I was so happy to see him standing there, complete with leis (flower necklaces) to welcome me in true island style.

We decided to rest for a day on Tahiti before flying on to Manihi. So we spend a lovely day looking for new autopilot-parts, walking around the Carrefour, standing in the afternoon traffic jam, sitting on our balcony looking out over a blue lagoon and having a very romantic dinner on the beach.

Next day we flew on to Manihi, where we landed on the smallest airport I’ve ever seen. There’s a runway and a small building (actually just a roof of about 5×5 meters) and one road leading to town. Fernando’s speedboat brought us to the boat, on which Arent and Matty had been busy cleaning and fishing for the last few days.  So on a very, very clean boat we had a great fish barbecue that night. A wonderful start of my new life in paradise.

  1. Hmmmmmm…wat fijn allemaal! Leuk shirt! x

  2. Dat ziet er blij uit! Heel veel plezier daar samen!


  3. Klinkt goed lieve Boukje…Paradise! Genieten!
    Liefs uit Amsterdam, x Suus

  4. Het lijkt me wel haast net zo mooi als zeilen op ‘t wad.

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