Matty Nicklin, St Maarten > Tahiti + Singapore > SA

In Crew on 13/05/2010 at 08:34


We met Matty in 2010 through an internet dating service for sailors called Sailing Networks. Matty has been a good friend ever since and has joined us all the way to Tahiti for many months.

We are happy that Matty returned to Helena in August 2012 to sail her across the Indian Ocean. This time crewing with Rikard and Mauritio.

  1. […] is off again! In the next months Helena with Rolf, Matty, Rikard and Mauritio on board, will cross the Indian Ocean to South Africa, with stops in Cocos […]

  2. Have fun Matty and Rolf, Glad your are on the move again

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