Arent Brink, St Maarten > Tahiti

In Crew on 13/04/2010 at 08:23

Arent is Rolf’s cousin who has lived on St Maarten since puberty. This obviously has spoiled him and has given him the impressive ability to talk the shirt of any woman. He has sailed most of the world’s oceans himself with his catamaran Airee, so he invited himself on board Helena to join on the trip to Tahiti. Since St Maarten has the old tradition of blackmailing, he blackmailed me into accepting him with some none-compromising pictures. Since I always appreciate traditional approaches, I decided to forget about the pictures and let him come on board anyway. (Don’t ask about the pics, I’ll never tell!)

Arent is a great sailor who never lets any situation get out of hand. He joined us all the way to Tahiti.

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