Stuck on St Kitts

In People, Voyages on 25/03/2010 at 20:36

Hey all! Finally an update from Helena in the Carib… Since the last update we have had many adventures at the grenadines, St Vincent where we celebrated Baziel’s birthday with the crew of  the Black Swan, St Lucia where we were hanging out with Melanie and Roderick, Martinique and Antigua. Longer stories will follow soon.

As many of you may already know, Baziel is back home and currently I’m sailing around with several different people. I have met up at St Martin with Arent Brink, my cousin and I have also met Marie Lafrance who is currently still onboard Helena. Arent and Marie were supposed to come along for an overnight trip to Guadeloupe, but on the way the transmission shaft broke off, so we got stuck on St Kitts waiting for new parts.

Trust me, this is a great place to break down. We have been driven around the island by the local engineer who has taken apart every engine in the harbour. His name is Vybrashun and you can find more info on him on the crew page. All the people around the harbour have become friends and we have had a really magnificent time here. Have a look on my facebook to get an idea of all the fun we had here. We have heard many bad stories about St Kitts, but we have not found anything of that bad stuff during our stay. Every day the local charters came by for a chat and we’ve been introduced to the families of the harbour master Trucky, Vybrashun, Charles and Carlos. We have been taken into the big family around the harbour life.

That’s why we had decided to do something back to them and throw a big party for everybody. That meant some serious organizing, so we set off to strip the island of BBQ’s, Chicken wings, burgers, beer and a sound system. We had 2 BBQ’s from the streets around Trucky’s home, hundreds of chicken wings, big piles of burgers that Marie made, big bowls of salad, also by Marie, 14 cases of Carib beer and a sound system donated by Carlos’ girlfriend and it all turned out to be a great party that ended in a real breakdancing contest!

I really want to thank the people of St Kitts for making our lives absolutely brilliant and for making the stay here the most unforgettable in the Caribbean. If any of you readers ever comes by St Kitts and goes into Basse Terre, please say hello from Helena and take care of these good people.

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